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Arizona Sunset

Sunrise and sunsets are different in the mountains. I suppose that is obvious, but for someone accustomed to “Indiana Flatness,” it takes some adjustment. This morning, there was some beautiful pinks and purples after first light. This only lasted a couple minutes. Twenty minutes later, the clouds in the east were on fire with reds and oranges. We had five minutes of this show. The difference then is that you don’t actually see the sun for another twenty minutes until it rises over the mountains. By this time, the the color was gone. Still beautiful, just different. Spend some time watching a sunrise or sunset and have a great weekend!

I took this photograph on a pull-off on Highway 260 east of Camp Verde, Arizona. I used a Nikon Z5 camera using a NIKKOR Z 24-70mm ƒ/2.8 S lens (1/640 sec at ƒ/13, ISO 100, 51mm). I edited the image in Adobe Lightroom.

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